2007 New Year’s resolutions

1.  Promote “green” awareness

            The first resolution of the year involves finding ways to remind others that we are the custodians of this planet. 

2.  Reducing impact

It would be hypocritical of me to promote environmental awareness and then not live by the manifesto myself.  So I am resolving to live by the rules bulleted below.

·        Resolve to be less of a “consumer”

Obtain necessities by purchasing used items, borrowing items, or bartering.  The exceptions to this are food, medication, and undergarments.  You may have heard of this movement called the “compact”. This is in an effort to reduce landfill waste and resources needed to produce new products.

·        Reduce energy consumption

Find ways of reducing electrical energy consumption in an effort to reduce CO2 production.

·        Take public transportation to work at least once a week


What is the purpose of this blog?!

At the start of this New Year (2007) I made several resolutions.  One of those resolutions was to reduce my own consumerism.  This was actually a part of a resolution to engage in and promote behavior that demonstrates consideration for environmental and social issues.  Here you will find some of the trials and tribulations related to that as well as some tips for your own “greening”.  On a more personal and lighthearted side, I also hope to write about some of my culinary experiments and experiences.   

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