Ahhh…Wonderous Juice

At the end of November, pre-compact days, I splurged and purchased a juicer on Ebay. I diligently researched and found a super powerful juicer; one that will eat carrots in one bite, shred beets and expel the ruby liquid in mere seconds! And the purchase could not have been a better one. I love this beast of a juicer.

Since that fateful day of delivery, Josh-wa and I have been experimenting with a number of different juices. The results of our experimentation has led us to discover that juicing more than 3 or 4 vegetables and fruits creates an indecipherable medley of flavors, or worse, a hodgepodge of clashing flavors. We have also discovered that green apples make every other fruit or vegetable taste better. Take for example Josh-wa’s favorite: asparagus, celery, and green apples. You can literally smell the green. This is a wonderful diuretic because of the asparagus and celery and the apple gives the juice a nice sweet zing at the finish. I can not imagine what this would taste like without the apple.

My favorite isn’t much different from the aspara-cel-apple: green apple and celery. This is similar to eating a salted apple. The celery adds saltiness and the green apple adds mouth pucker.

Pictured is a beet, apple, and navel orange combo. The flavor is sweet with an earthy nose. The beet, however, does scary things to one’s excrement. Be aware that sipping on this concoction leads to purple poop within a day.

Don’t forget to add the pulp to your composting pile!

juice-glasses.jpg hand-of-pulp.jpg the-beast.jpg




1 Comment

  1. spencer said,

    February 5, 2007 at 1:42 am

    This is why I read this blog – I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to turn my poop purple. So thanks for that.

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